Belgium 10.22.17: Brussels (Arrival)

First off, I have an Etsy shop! More details here! Please check it out! Link is also in the menu~

I decided to go to Belgium kinda last minute. I wanted to go to visit a high school friend whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years and missed Europe so much! But, work was busy and I was kinda travel broke.

Buuuut, because we’re so busy at work, my task lead informed us that he’s declining all vacation requests after October until March or later. Soooo, as my last hurrah, I took the last week of October off to visit the country also known as Europe’s capital (because you can take a train to basically anywhere in Europe from Belgium).

This may be an Etsy worthy print…

After the dreadfully long Malaysia flight back in June/July, I haven’t been able to sit on airplane seats for longer than 2 hours now because my tailbone starts hurting a lot. I tried sitting on pillows and blankets, but no relief. Send help!

Because Belgium actually has autumn.

My friend picked me up from the airport and we went through an hour of awkwardness since 10 years is a lot for people to change (and boy, did he change)…

Tried to channel some creativity on this trip

Because of the plans to open the Etsy shop, I really wanted to try and capture some Etsy-worthy photos during this trip.

This is a church.
This is also a church.

Brussels is small, so it’s pretty easy to cover a lot of area in a short period of time. I had given my friend a list of places I wanted to visit and we pretty much hit up over half of the list that day.

La Botanique

I was excited about Belgium because I’d have opportunities to speak Dutch again. Unfortunately (not really), Brussels is French.


Throughout this blog series, I’m probably going to be switching between French and Dutch for city/food names. All the signs in Brussels have the French and Dutch names too! Some don’t translate directly, though.

Starbucks being extra

Monts des Arts

My friend and I spent most of the time just catching up. I felt like I was home~

Street performers!
Birthplace of the fries

We finally made it closer to Grand Place for the highly anticipated waffles!

This place has indoor seating, which is more expensive than if you ordered at the pick up window outside.
My first waffle! Luikse wafel!

Belgium has two types of waffles: Brussel wafel (Brussels waffle) and Luikse wafel (Liège waffle). As the name implies, the first waffle is from Brussels and the second one is from Luik (Liège in French). The toppings are actually rather expensive and I can say now, after having a number of these, Luikse wafels are actually better plain (unless you have a major, major sweet tooth and I have a huge one) because the waffle itself is covered in crystallized sugar. Such yum. Much wow.

Grand Place!

My friend and I didn’t spend much time here since I still had to check into my Airbnb and we had dinner reservations.

He did take me to the famous “Manneke Pis”… It’s a huge tourist attraction (no idea why), but it just keeps drawing people in…

Bon appetit!

Total miles walked: 12.64 miles.

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