Belgium 10.23.17: Brussels

My primary goal on these trips are to capture photos, so I usually plan my itinerary around where I can get some nice shots. And so… Let’s not talk about the two disappointing parks I went to xD.

Headed to Carrefour (grocery store) afterwards to pick up some breakfast things and water (the tap water in Belgium is safe to drink, but it’s very hard. So, it depends on your tastebuds). The cashier asked me something in French and instead of saying I don’t speak French, I just froze xD. But he was the sweetest guy ever! A lot of people do speak English and will sometimes make assumptions and default to English, but most don’t. Not a problem!

La Fabrique en Ville is a very charming and cute little restaurant!

I don’t know why, but tea in Europe just tastes so much better than the States…

Penne pesto mozzarella. SO GOOD. Pesto is probably my favorite Italian sauce.

The waitress was super nice as well when I froze up at her French. She and the Carrefour cashier definitely left a wonderful impression on me.

“Sprout to be Brussels” was a campaign the city started after the terrorist attack. In the rough aftermath of that attack, Sprout to be Brussels wanted to revive the city and give it breath again. Everybody who shared their Brussels pride on social media got two of these cute stickers. You can find them scattered around the city.

After lunch, I took the metro to Parc du Cinquantenaire (friend’s recommendation) since it was almost a 47min walk. Now that park was really pretty.

Some lady gave me a really nasty look after I finished taking this photo and stepped out of her way in a very timely matter. Sheesh.

After I got my fill of photos, I went to the Autoworld, a car museum housing over 200 legendary cars. When I entered, a number of well dressed people were getting food from a buffet line set up in the room after the lobby. I inquired the attendant about it because the screen with the entrance fees to the museum were still listed. Long story short, she was so rude to me that I just left, even though the museum was open and I love classic cars.

I remember I took the metro back closer to Grand Place, but I also remember getting really lost (even with my GPS xD).

I got stared at a lot, which made me super uncomfortable (because I was in a foreign place). I knew it was probably because I was alone with a camera, but gah. That or I looked really, really lost xD.

Music at Grand Place!

Somehow or another, I finally made it Grand Place!

Horse carriage!

Finally! Some frites!

I was really sad he didn’t give me the puntzak :(. But no matter, it tasted delicious!

Frites with curry ketchup sauce! It’s a small, but it was so filling.
Also, that’s a urinal. These are scattered around the city.

I roamed around searching for chocolate. Now, chocolate shops are EVERYWHERE. Some branches have multiple shops within a mile radius of each other (e.g. Leonidas, which is on the same level as Godiva). I finally settled on Elisabeth and bought some stuff for my coworkers and friends. The workers let me try a couple of things I was staring at, which helped the deciding process. Also, chocolate covered orange peels is pretty popular and extremely delicious.

Then I stopped in Café Tasse. She had samples of some of the chocolate bars out, so that was really helpful in deciding what to get since they had a ton of options (including interesting ones like Matcha white chocolate, Rooibos white chocolate, and Earl Grey tea).

Final stop was at Mary to check out some rather pricey chocolates (they’re in a higher quality tier of chocolate. It’s about 8 per 400gr; about 8 pieces). Apparently, Mary was the first female chocolatier in Belgium.

The lady working there told me the story behind Mary and about the chocolates and the classic pralines. For some reason, she was really confused why I was spending a week in Belgium. Maybe there was some internal translation problem (on either side). Anyway, had a pleasant conversation overall ^_^.

I wanted to get waffles at Maison Dandoy, but it was so packed in there that I decided to try one of the 1 waffles I’ve seen scattered around Brussels. The base price of the Luikse wafel from day 1 was €3 and I wanted to see if the €1 waffles tasted relatively the same.

I thought the waffle was a bit meh, but I finished it anyway. Then I got sick… Really sick… To the point I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to Ghent the next day…

Beware the 1 waffles.


Total miles walked: 11.29 miles.

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