Belgium: 10.25.17: Bruges

Early morning start~ I had a 10a phototour scheduled with Photo Tour Brugge (Brugge is the Dutch name for Bruges).

Like Ghent, Bruges has a ton of boat tours as well. They all cost the same since it’s funded by the government or something.

My friend and I were supposed to head to Bruges together, but train coordination failed. Plus his train got delayed (happens often).

Fall leaves are something I don’t get to see where I live

Upon arrival in the city, I hurried to catch the bus to Market Place to meet the tour group in front of the Basilica of the Holy Blood. I was worried they’d leave me behind since the reservation said they leave at 10a sharp.

But I made it right on time! We were also at the meeting spot for a good 5 minutes for the intro -_-.

Patron Saint of Bruges. If you put one on your house, you get a tax break!

Andy McSweeney is the owner of Photo Tour Brugge. It’s a two hour session (he has three different public tours) and you can bring a non-photographer friend for free. On the tour, Andy takes you to a number of picturesque locations and shows you a couple of shots he’s taken there, all while sharing Bruges history.

Very interesting door handle!

Honestly, two hours was too short.

I love European doors…

Which door is your favorite? 🙂

Bruges reminds me of England’s Bourton-on-the-Water.

Totally forgot what Andy said about these mannequin arms…
My friend and I met up after the photo tour and got some Carbonara! So good!

I was very adamant about taking a boat tour since I missed my chance in Ghent. But it was only really cool because we were on a boat hehe.

It’s a nice quick tour of the city, but I don’t think you’d miss much if you didn’t do it.

You do get some different perspectives of the city on the boat tour, though. Make sure you get a seat up front, though!
I don’t know what building this is, but the washed wood looks really nice.
Frank van Acker. Former mayor of Bruges, as well as a Belgian Representative, Senator, and Minister. Very respected man in Bruges.

La Belgique Gourmande is a rather big generic chocolate shop.

These are chocolates.

We went to the torture museum Oude Steen and it was surprisingly full of visitors. My friend said that if you’ve visited one torture museum, you’ve pretty much seen it all.

We climbed the Belfry of Bruges after roaming around. They only allow a certain number in the tower, so you have to wait for people to leave before you can enter. Hence, long line.

View from one of the levels in the Belfry tower.

The stairs are extremely narrow and we ran into a couple of minor snags when two way traffic happened. You just have to squeeze yourself into a corner or something. I think the downward traffic has right of way, but nobody followed that when we were there xD.

View from the “top” of the tower.

The view and breeze were wonderful up here. Unfortunately, the bells went off while we were in there too. So loud. Be prepared.

The 2be Beer Wall. I don’t remember how many beers this place had, but they keep track on a board somewhere inside.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but beer is cheaper than any other beverage here.

Also, when you have dinner in Bruges, be sure to ask for the day menu. It’s cheaper and they don’t usually advertise it after lunch.

Flemish beef stew. So good!

I could’ve spent another day in Bruges…

Total miles walked: 8.95 miles.

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