Belgium 10.27.17: Antwerp

Today was the first sunny day during my trip.

I only wore my cardigan instead of the winter coat like I had for the past couple of days, but today a little extra cold even though the sun was out.

Rabbits in the park!

Stadspark is one of the less sketchier parks I’ve visited in Belgium.

Lunch! They seem to like to use penne pasta in Belgium… lol

Went to the FoMu, which was a huge disappointment. Art is super subjective, so take that with a grain of salt. Check what exhibitions are going on before you go!

The ones I saw were garbage. I was really upset I spent 10 on it.

I walked around the city and stumbled upon a free exhibition by Eddy van Gestel and an interior designer I forgot the name of >_<. I'm rather modest, so I don't like photos with half-naked models, but most of the ones he had on display (also on his website, so there's your warning), were actually really artistic. I may have also only really excused it because the models were African women and that's actually some African tribes' culture. Of course, I preferred the people-free photos he had on display.

Het Steen is a medieval fortress that used to be a museum (all the stuff moved to Museum aan de Stroom). Now it’s a “vragenhuis” (no idea what that translates to) for young thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

Andy said that in Bruges, at least, the animal well-being laws are so strict that it’s better to hit your kids in public than animals. The horses in Bruges had lovely coats. They work for two (or was it one?) days and get two days off.

This horse, though, looked like it got hit on its side a lot…

Look how sad he looks 😦

Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp is the city’s gem. It was supposed to have two equally high towers, but it’s not well-known that it was actually supposed to have three!

Cathedral as a museum again

You can climb the tower during the summer months.

Decided to try the Brussel wafel! (This one was very dry… They’re supposed to be crunchy).
And a chocolate milkshake!

In terms of photography, I usually don’t have a problem with cloudy days because it evens out the light and makes for nice photos.

But holy crap, the light bathed this city so gorgeously.

It was so dreamy. Like the light activated my wonder and longing of Europe I’ve felt so many times before.

It rained for a bit, but I easily found shelter. I was also really cold xD.

Museum aan de Stroom. I got there 30 minutes before closing, so I didn’t go in.

I only bring my 16-35mm lens, so I couldn’t get a closeup shot of the building, but if you end up visiting, take note of the silver things on the walls ;).

I missed out a lot of this city. I didn’t research and plan Antwerp enough since I decided to go after I got to Belgium.

I went to Frituur no. 1 since it translates to Number 1… frying pan… But “frituur” refers to a frites place. I’m not much of a mayo person, but I decided to try the Zoete Nederlandse Fritesaus (sweet Dutch frites sauce). It was delicious!

Then I went to Frituur Suikerui for more frites since they had the satesaus (peanut sauce)!

Such yum. Much wow.

Bruges and Antwerp were definitely my favorites out of this whole trip.

Total miles walked: 15.91 miles.

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