Belgium 10.28.17: Brussels

Spent my final day in Belgium back in the capital, so I could hang out some more with my friend since it was a Saturday.

I headed to the Musical Instruments Museum (alone ha) in the morning. They usually have audio guides, but they were currently unavailable since they’re working on improving the system. I thought, like Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver when they were renovating the pond, MIM should’ve discounted the entrance fee.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed looking at the instruments (though it would’ve been much better with the audio guide since I wasn’t familiar with a couple of instruments in the museum… Eh…). Still worth going, if you’re already somewhat familiar with musical instruments.

The museum has ten floors with mostly instruments (the other floors were admin offices, auditorium, gift shop, and a restaurant). The top floor hosted the restaurant and I thought we could freely walk around to take in the view, but we weren’t allowed to go outside on the balcony 😦

The restaurant had a 30 brunch and I would’ve considered it if I hadn’t eaten breakfast and didn’t have lunch plans (either way, 30 is kinda steep).

I didn’t take much photos since I got my fill of the city on my first two days here.

I have a major sweet tooth.

I went to La Creperie for a sweet crepe (should’ve gotten a savory one too…). The other filled table in the restaurant had a group of young adults talking about all their travels. I kinda wanted in on their conversation, but I was a little far and I knew there was no way they’d hear me even if I shouted from my seat xD. For those who don’t know me, I don’t have a very loud voice… Like, tall people can’t hear me.

I met up with my friend afterwards and we ventured into a couple more chocolate shops. The most notable one was Le Comptoir de Mathilde.

They had these hot chocolate spoons that are absolutely delicious. You just stir it in hot milk (it doesn’t say on the box, but I used about 10 oz of milk). They had alcoholic options as well. They put the dash of whatever alcohol in pippets.

Brussels waffle at Gaufres de Bruxelles. Better than the one I had in Antwerp, but overall I prefer the Liege waffles (I think because it sweeter haha).

Aside from Manneke Pis, Brussels also has Jeanneke Pis and Zinneke Pis…

Just famous statues of kids and a dog peeing…

One example of why you should wake up early to capture nice photos… No people lol.
Much Flemish-style in the middle of Brussels.

We headed to the Atomium, which hosts exhibitions devoted to architecture, design, and society. The upper sphere offers a panorama of the city. We decided not to go inside, though. Also, please watch your pockets and bags on the metros/trams.

Pork belly bao~ Not the bao my friend and I are used to, though. Japanese vs Chinese?

We couldn’t where to go for dinner, but we stumbled upon this random ramen place and I really wanted to try it out.

The ramen was good in the beginning… Then it got progressively saltier…

I don’t remember where this was or even which part of Belgium we were in because I just blindly followed my friend everywhere xD.

Total miles walked: 9.93 miles

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