Belgium 10.29.17: Departure

Yes, I flew with United. It was fine. And they give you ice cream after your meal. Much win.

I’m glad my phone knew that a time change happened in the middle of the night because I sure didn’t.

I left at 6.45a to catch the metro and then the train to the airport. My Airbnb host was actually awake to see me off! He said he was afraid I was late (because he forgot to wind back his watch) and I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out Belgium also has time changes!

My handwriting is only this ugly when I’m trying to fill in the info standing in a moving metro.

If you’re planning on taking the train a lot, buying a 10 trip rail pass is cheaper than buying individual tickets (I left it with my friend so he could use the last two trips).

I thought this was pretty cool.

I sat on the plane around some amusing American women. They had traveled from Rwanda (for a conference) and were on the way back home to Nevada. I did not envy their journey home haha. They had flown into Brussels the day before and probably got back home late at night (they also had a one hour drive from the airport in Nevada).

I sat next to a nice Canadian man from Vancouver, so I was able to talk to him about my trip there earlier this year. Twas nice ^_^. And here was when I really realized that I don’t speak loudly. At one point, I asked him a question and I felt like I was yelling, but he still didn’t hear me xD. So, I guess on a plane, I need to shout louder than I was yelling. Maybe I need to do that on land too xD.

The other thing I realized is that I don’t like big cities, which would explain why I wasn’t a huge fan of Brussels or Rome (I wasn’t in London long enough to decide. Seville was okay). I was told I wouldn’t feel the same about Paris because it’s Paris, but we’ll see haha.


Out of all the chocolate shops I visited, I think my top three are Le Comptoir de Mathilde, Café Tasse, and Elisabeth. You bet I’m going to check out the online ordering portal one of these days ha.

I briefly mentioned it in the first Belgium blog post, but I’ll announce it again: I have an Etsy shop! I’m selling prints and greeting cards of some of the shots I took while traveling. A percentage of the proceeds go to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to fighting child sex trafficking. Check out my shop:

Thank you for following along my adventures!

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